Xewnekany ew (2005)
As arranger and musician on track one and five Twana is cooperating on Saman Mustafas and Kurdos album which is produced in Nürnberg in Germany.

Nalinek (2005)
You can hear Twanas guitarintro and baseaccompant Nwras is Twanas own album, with music performed and produced by Twana.

Skymningen (2004)
Twana is cooperating as arranger, coproducer and musician on both tracks. This singel was played in Swedish radio quite a lot.

Gazin (2003)
Base, guitar and arrangement on one track by Twana on Hoxnaws album.

Musiklinjens Schllagerfestival (2002)
This songcollection from Bollnäs contains one song, Twam o Sham, which is written and perfromed by Twana and the orchestra in Bollnäs Folkhögskola.

Karwaneeki Dur (2001)


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