Twana Nzar was born in the land of Mesopotamia in northern Iraq, which is called Kurdistan. Between the mountains Azmar and Goiza he started his days and went from comprehensive school to senior high school and finally to the Institute of technology in Iraq.

When Twana was fourteen he bought his first guitar. During a summer vacation he joined a course called "Activity of the schools". This was where he took his first guitar lessons from William Johanna. When Twana graduated from senior high school in the city of Suleiman he got to know one of the city's most talented musicians: Ibrahim Garib. From Ibrahim Garib Twana learned how to improve his technical skills on the guitar and music theory, which had a great impact on the music Twana later on would create.

As from senior high school until Twana leaves Kurdistan 1996, Twana plays with several established music groups in Suleiman. He also starts new bands with friends. In this way Twana becomes a part of the musical life in the city.

In the beginning of 1997 Twana arrives to Sweden. Parallel with language- and literature classes in Swedish he takes courses in folk music from Sweden and Latin America. He plays with the Kurdish music groups in Sweden and Europe. By the end of 1998 Twana starts to take private lessons in classic guitar in Stockholm.

Year 2000-2002 Twana is studying Classical music at Bollnäs Folkhögskola in Hälsningland in Sweden. His guitar teacher is called Bernt Lindström. Twana calls him "My precise teacher".

Except the main instrument, guitar, Twana takes lessons in electric base and he plays among other things jazz.

Twanas´ hobbies except the music are photography, poem writing and he has participated at several dance festivals where he got salsa award.


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